Bonsai – The Technique and Tradition

Bonsai – Done Right

In the world of online bonsai vendors almost everything I see is a cookie cutter bonsai.

Because I am a Bonsai artist first and this website is a result of me and my family’s appreciation for the beauty and tradition of bonsai.  My work evolves and progresses as I do as a artist.  In the near future you will see one of a kind pieces on this page which where decades in the

making.  I’m very excited and am looking forward to sharing these Beautiful pieces with everyone.

The items you currently see on the page are all one of a kind specimens, as we progress you will see more impressive examples.

I would love any feedback as to what you would like to see on the page.  Such as techniques, care information, or new products you would like us to carry.

I would like to give a little more info about my background and how we got into the bonsai business.

Bonsai  is very special to me, when I was about 12 my mother taught me a few basic things about bonsai.  Shortly after this, I lost my mother very suddenly at the age of 13.  This sounds like a sad story but it’s not.  I learned very on that life is not permanent and that is what makes it special.  Without impermanence the value of our lives would greatly diminish.   As a result I like to think I came out a stronger young man.  Needless to say bonsai has always been a piece of my mother that I was able to keep with me. I stuck with it, studied and progressed as an artist.  It brings me a peace like nothing else in my life.  Naturally I am excited  to share this peace and joy with my friends, family, and the world.

With the motivation of my god-mother Nandi, I left my job in the automotive transport and went full time with  I then went to The Morakami Museum in Miami, meditated on the beautiful tree’s and developed the concept for this site.

Any one from beginner to pro can come to this site and post pics of there favorite work, get instructional information, or just talk bonsai.  I look forward to the next year.  Thank you for your interest in my passion Best Bonsai.

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