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From one of the best local artists in South Florida.

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Please feel free to give me Jason a call we will have many breathtaking products available this month.  If you wish to buy bonsai trees you can reach me at 786-385-3218.   We are a family owned company that prides ourselves on the quality of our products.

All products on this online catalog are one of a kind pieces of artwork.  If you are interested in purchasing one of our trees, or a custom piece just contact me and we will accommodate you.


Jason – Production Manager

Best Bonsai

Me And My Bonsai

Recently I have been going through quite a few changes in my life.  I have taken this Japanese Elm with me on my travels.  I have noticed the changes in the tree and relate it to the change in my life.  As the Tree grows so do I.  This is a very therapeutic experience and it helps me keep my passion with me in everything I do in life.  Let 2014 be a passionate year for every one.

Thank You To Our Supporters

   Just wanted to say thank you to all the people that have supported up to this point. It has been a long road paved with love for the art of bonsai. We are starting to get a little bit of a response and for that we thank you. We only do this with the help of our friends, family, and supporters of our art

.Bonsai Shop

Bonsai Shop
My Roots Keep Me Grounded

Beautiful Morning With My Bonsai Trees

This morning I rise, find myself glad to be where I am glad to be free.  Then I step outside to find that the day is more beautiful than I could have imagined.

My Roots Keep Me Grounded

My Roots Keep Me Grounded

I look over at my bonsai trees, I start trimming them and going through their daily maintenance routine.

At this moment I feel grateful and remember that this is what it’s about.  I love to grow, and I grow with each tree I raise.  The routine is good for me, the meditation is something I can’t go without in my life.  This is why god led me to this path, because I need the trees as much as the trees need me.

Fresh Market Location – Moving Back to North Miami

We are moving our retail space from The Fresh Market in Hollywood back to North Miami.  We are putting more of a focus on our specialty customers, wholesale business, and online sales.

We are doing this so that we can spend the summer working on creating and styling amazing pieces for the upcoming season, I look forward to sharing them with everyone.  – Namaste

Japanese Elm Bonsai

Not Just Vendors – Bonsai is our Art

In the world of online bonsai vendors almost everything I see is a cookie cutter bonsai.


Because I am an artist and this website is a result of me and my family’s appreciation for the beauty and tradition of bonsai.

My work evolves and progresses as I do as a artist.  In the near future you will see one of a kind pieces on this page which where decades in the making.  I’m very excited and am looking forward to sharing these Beautiful pieces with everyone.