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Featured Bonsai Tree Specimen – Local Bonsai For Sale

Featured Local Bonsai

Tree Specimen

local bonsai for sale


Local Bonsai For Sale !

On this section of Best Bonsai we will feature one of a kind pieces of living artwork, Bonsai Trees that will be available to local customers only.  Each tree will have it’s own individual page with an abundance of pictures, the name of the artist, and price.  We will also feature  a short background story on the tree or landscape such as age, species, dimensions, as well as a short snip-it of what inspired the artist.

The deals here are the best you can find for bonsai of this quality.  Unfortunately this inventory will be reserved for our local clientele only.  If you would like to purchase any of the trees seen here or have any questions you can contact James at 786-385-3218

Old Ficus Bonsai Specimen Available Locally

Local Bonsai Ficus

Old Ficus Bonsai Specimen – $85

Look at the aerial roots and Nabari on this Old Ficus Bonsai Tree. This specimen is at least 15 years old and is one of the most stunning pieces in our current inventory.


Bonsai Tree – Japanese Elm – 10 Year Old Specimen


Japanese Elm Bonsai For Sale

Amazing Japanese Elm Bonsai Specimen for sale. – $50


Serrisa Bonsai Forest in Premium Ceramic Pot

Serrisa Bonsai Forest

Beautiful Serrisa Bonsai Forest in Premium Ceramic Pot.









Beautiful Serrisa Bonsai Forest in featuring 7 Serrisa trees, also known as the snow rose for their impressive white flowers.  Complete landscape piece with moss and decorative rocks.  Comes complete in premium Ceramic bonsai pot specially designed for forest pieces.




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