Growing Your Food – How to Grow Your Own Organic Food

Growing Your Food – How to Grow Your Own Organic Food

Step 1 – Planning Your Organic Garden

The first step to grow your own or is putting together a solid plan.  Decide in advance which plant’s will work the best in your climate and growing conditions.

Step 2 – Understand how a growing season plays out.

To Grow You Own Organic Food you need to do more than just plant seeds and wait for a harvest. There is a typical sequence of steps in growing a single crop of each individual plant.  Each different plant crop will be prepared basically the same way, but when you have prepared the soil for planting, you can plant as many different crops as you like at one time.

The typical growing sequence is as follows -

1) Get Your Soil Ready. You always wanna loosen the soil so that it can aerate better  . This is also called tilling it is don with a plow, tiller, or a tractor.  The average gardener will  use a pick, shovel or hoe. This can be accomplished collectively.   Clear any debris or excess vegetation before tilling.
2) Mark out your planting area.    Create a slightly raised bed in the soil.  Make lines across the length of the plot.   Moisten the soil.
3) Plant your seeds, pay attention to the depth required for the type of crop you are planting.   The depth you will plant depends on the type of plants you are a growing. As a general rule of thumb, corn and potatoes may be planted 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches (6.3 – 9 cm) deep, where succulent plants like legumes (beans and peas)and melons, squash, cucumbers are planted between 3/4 and 1 inch (2 – 2.5 cm) deep. After placing the seed in the hole, cover them and gently pack down, moisten the soil lightly so the seed bed does not dry out as quickly.   Create the number of rows you planned on planting.

  • You can also “start” seeds indoors and transplant them later.

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