Bonsai Classes and Bonsai Events in South Florida

Bonsai Classes and Bonsai Events in South Florida

Bonsai classes by Best Bonsai are available in both group and private format.  Private Bonsai Lessons are hosted by Jason Moorehead a well known figure in the South Florida bonsai

Bonsai Classes

Community.   are offered by best bonsai are available by appointment.  Pricing on our Private Bonsai class is the same as our group pricing.  The biggest advantage is more one on one time.  Using the contact form you can schedule either group or private classes.  We will get back to you within 24 hours go over available time slots and upcoming events.  Each class is $50 and includes all materials needed to create your very own living bonsai artwork.  The tree you create will be worth at least $50 We include premium ceramic pot, pre bonsai tree (6 Species to choose from), premium lava rock bonsai soil, drainage screen, and training wire).

Bonsai Class


Bonsai Tree Class Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Intermediate to advanced Bonsai Classes are available in private lessons and specific .  Intermediate to advanced topics include carving deadwood and Jins, Air Layering and Grafting.  There is an all skill level class on the specific care techniques for specific types of bonsai Please specify on the form if you would like to attend a group or private bonsai class.  Your Bonsai skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)  Or the topics you would like to cover.  On the contact form please specify your scheduling, species/style of bonsai and skill level of class.  You can also call me directly at 786-385-3218 with any questions.

Online Bonsai Classes

Online Bonsai Class – Care Instructions for various types of Bonsai Trees

The most important fundamental is Bonsai Care We have a few good care videos and progression of specific trees through the development stages.  I will be posting one online Bonsai Lesson each week. I would love if more people joined my google online classroom and we could start a comunal forum of bonsai advice anyone can create lessons or assignments.  Which we have the decision to participate in,  It all starts with joining the group.  We will create a worldwide community of bonsai enthusiasts.   Link to the Best Bonsai Worldwide Online Classroom.