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Our new series Bonsai Classes Miami Feature Events Beach Botanical Gardens our feature Bonsai Event.  The bonsai classes and events are hosted various venues adequate to practice bonsai.  The Featured Bonsai Events at the Gardens consisted of one presentation introducing the traditions and history of Bonsai.  We hold studios at various yoga studios in Bro-ward county..  If you need more information contact us anytime.  I can be reached by phone 7 days a week by phone at 786-385-3218.  To request more info fill out the contact form below.  Someone will get back to you in 24 ho

There is a spark of magic in the events at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.  We have some special things to come.  Classes offered by Jason Moorehead from Best Bonsai Inc. Jason has practiced bonsai for 15, he has became a local figure in the Miami Bonsai Community.

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For more information on some of our previous and upcoming events visit our Main Bonsai Classes Event Page

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