Bonsai Deadwood, Jins, and Shari

Bonsai Deadwood, Jins, and Shari

Everything I know about Bonsai Deadwood, Jins and Shari…..

Deadwood is made up of basically two techniques Jin and Shari.  A branch stripped of it’s bark is known as a Jin, while Shari is a part of the trunk where the bark has been removed.  Different tools such as Jin pliers, sand paper, wire brushes, and lime sulfur to create bonsai deadwood.  Lime sulfur bleaches the wood creating an effect similar to in nature when it is bleached by intense sunlight.  In nature deadwood occurs during sustained periods of drought or when a tree is hit by lighting.  A branch can snap due to factors such as ice stress, wind, or the sheer weight of the ice and snow.

Bonsai Deadwood

In Bonsai Deadwood is a stunning effect that can give a very unique and iimpressivee look to a bonsai

These are Jins of a Tiger Bark Ficus that I have been working on for a little bit.  This fig bonsai went from a boring tree with nothing special about it and is quickly turning into one of my favorite bonsai specimen.

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