Bonsai Knowledge Base

Bonsai Knowledge Base

Best Bonsai Knowledge Base is where you can find any and everything you need to know regarding bonsai.  When I started out I didn’t have any idea how much can be done with my new found passion.  I didn’t know what deadwood, or Shari was.  I read and reached out to other who shared this passion.  I quickly learned that I new hardly anything about the Art.  I realized that many study bonsai their whole life with utmost dedication and still do not fully master every aspect of this living art.  I then began learning everything I could and still haven’t scratched the surface but I love it with all my heart.

Bonsai has so many different species of Trees, Different Styles, Techniques, history, collect, One could fill up a whole discussion forum just talking about antique and one of a kind pottery.

Our Forum – Bonsai Artists of South Florida

We have a forum for our visitors and members to discuss anything related to our living art.

Bonsai Care Guides

I provide care guides for a large variety of different species as well as tutorials on various bonsai techniques from beginner to advanced.  This material is here so that my customers can reference this if they have questions on the care of their specific tree, but also so others can share my love and passion of Bonsai.

Bonsai Tutorials and Instructional Videos

Tutorials on various techniques from beginner to advanced.  Basics like re-potting, trimming, and wiring all the way to more advanced techniques like Deadwood, Air Layering, Grafting, Etc.