Basic Bonsai Trimming - How to Trim a Chinese Elm Bonsai

Basic Bonsai Trimming – How to trim Chinese Elm Bonsai, and other deciduous or broad leaf evergreen

Basic Bonsai Trimming – Trimming Bonsai Trees Depends on the Species You Are Working With and What You Are trying to Accomplish

Basic Bonsai Trimming is essential to develop a Specimen Bonsai tree. There are no cookie cutter explanations depends on the species of the bonsai tree the time of year and what you are trying to accomplish.  Are we in the development stage of the tree. the refinement stage, or is the tree basically ready for showing. Basically the trimming of Deciduous and Broad Leaf Evergreen are pretty much the same.  You want to make the inter-nodes as short  as possible.  When styling Chinese Elms it is good to let the shoots of leaves grow out way past 2 sets of leaves where they will be trimmed back too.  This is because we don’t wanna cut soft new green growth, we want a branch that has formed hardwood on the base of the branch.  Also the longer the branch grows out the thicker the base of that branch will get.  Remember don’t take all the leaves at once.,  All trees get there energy through photo synthesis so don’t defoliate all at once.   So once the shoots of new growth are very long check the 3rd set of leafs make sure the hardwood has formed cut the branch back to two sets of new leaves.  This will allow the branches to ramify closer to the trunk of the tree,  We will create a new exterior set of branches each growing season . Important to keep the internodes short to encourage back budding and create proper deciduous branch structure.

Basic Bonsai Trimming - How to Trim a Chinese Elm Bonsai
Notice I moved up to the third or fourth set of leaves to develop that foliage pad

Bonsai Trimming