Juniper Bonsai Care Guide

Juniper Bonsai Care Guide juniper bonsai care guide

This is just a basic Juniper Bonsai Care Guide, let the tree tell you what it needs as every specimen and climate is unique.  The Japanese Juniper also known as Juniperus Procumbens is an evergreen tree that works well for an outdoor bonsai.  Junipers grow outdoors in hardiness zones 4 through 9.

Light and Watering

As bonsai, Juniper Trees do very well in full sun, but need to be watered regularly.  Juniper are prone to root rot so free draining soil is essential and they must be allowed to dry out between watering.  Poke your finger into the soil around your bonsai tree every day, pushing it about ½ inch into the soil. If the soil feels dry water thoroughly from the top until water begins to drain from the bottom.

Juniper Bonsai Training

Prune back new growth to three to four shoots.  It is best to finger prune Juniper Bonsai to properly encourage new growth.  Use concave cutter to remove any unwanted large branches.  Use wire to shape branches to desired style.  Juniper are great to utilize deadwood techniques and carving to give a timeless effect.


Use a slow release bonsai fertilizer every 6 months.  A 6-7-5 mix or something similar is excellent for evergreen bonsai.  Feed the tree every two weeks in the spring and summer growing season, starting as soon as your tree produces new growth in the spring. Fertilize once every two weeks with an organic fertilizer, such as fish emulsion (Alaska Fish Fertilizer is an organic 5-1-1 fertilizer concentrate that works great).  When the tree’s growth slows in late summer, cut the feedings to once a month. Do not fertilize the plant during winter dormancy.

Re Potting

Re pot Juniper Bonsai that are less than five or six years old once every two years. Older plants need repotting only once every three to five years. Repot the plants in the spring when new green buds appear on them. Keep newly potted juniper bonsai in a shady area for a few weeks after transplanting so the roots can recover.

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