Ligustrum Bonsai Care Guide -Sweet Plum Bonsai

Ligustrum Bonsai Care Guide -Sweet Plum Bonsai Care

Ligustrum Bonsai Care guidelines include the following key principles.

Ligustrum Bonsai Care


Sunlight: The Ligustrum Bonsai prefers a bright position with strong sunlight at least a few hours daily. Also makes a good indoor bonsai as long as it gets a few hours of sunlight daily.

Watering: Let dry out between watering.  Use a free draining absorbent soil.


Feeding: Use a normal Bonsai fertilizer about once every three weeks during the growth season.


Pruning:. Give a hard prune in early spring to encourage new growth.  Normal maintenance pruning can be done anywhere in the growth season.


Re potting: Re pot every one or two years using a basic Bonsai soil mixture.


Propagation: Use cuttings during the summer or plant seeds.