Bonsai Styles

Bonsai Styles

Many different Bonsai Styles have developed over time.  These are just guidelines to classify the look and shape of bonsai trees.  Personal perspective has allot to do with these styles.  Bonsai don’t always to conform to a specific style.  However knowing the different styles gives a general idea of different looks and helps when training young bonsai trees.

Formal Upright Style Bonsai

Probably the most sought Bonsai Styles.  The trunk of the tree is straight and tapers from thick at the base to a thin top.  Often has a stunning with a crown of leaves.

Informal Upright Style Bonsai

Similar to the formal upright style but with curves in the trunk.

Informal Upright Style Ficus Bonsai
Informal Upright Style Ficus Bonsai

Cascade Style Bonsai

In a Cascade Style Bonsai the trunk will bend downward, going past the lip of the pot.  Outer branches and leaves will be styled up and out to give the effect that the tree is reaching for the sun.

Windswept Style Bonsai

Windswept Style Bonsai  is a good example of a style of trees that struggled to survive in nature.

Root Over Rock Style BonsaiBonsai Styles Root Over Rock


Style of Bonsai where the roots are trained to grow over a rock at the base.