Advanced Bonsai Tutorials and Instructional Videos

Bonsai Tutorials and Instructional Videos

Root Over Rock bonsai
Root Over Rock Style Parrot Beak Bonsai

On this section of you will find various bonsai tutorials.  We also provide videos and advise on various techniques.   Remember we love for our fans to contribute.  If you have any tutorials you would like to post just contact me using the contact form below You can reach me Jason any time at 785-385-3218.  We love to collaborate with others who share the passion for bonsai.

Tutorial on Potting Zelkova Bonsai Trees 



 Reducing Leaf Size

Extensive information on how to reduce the leaf size of your bonsai tree.

Reducing leaf size in a bonsai tree is essential to proper styling and giving the tree proportion.  Leaf reduction is something that is an art in itself.  Some knowledge of the anatomy of trees helps, as it is very applicable to this aspect of Bonsai.



Several factors effect the leaf size, as well as the thickness of the branches.  These include:

-The balance between the root mass and the canopy of the bonsai tree,

-Root density as well as the age of the root structure,

-Fertility of the Bonsai Tree,

-Hormone levels of the Bonsai,

Trunk Thickening

Informative article on techniques used to thicken the trunk of bonsai trees.  This goes into the science behind the techniques.

To achieve the proper taper of the trunk which gives the tree proper proportion and gives an older look to your bonsai tree you will need to strategically cut the trunk.  The more weight the trunk supports the thicker the trunk will grow.  Trunk thickening is in a direct relation with old cells laid down in the cambium of the tree.  The cambium grows from outside outward and allows the tree to cover up minor wounds and wall off rotted wood.  More light and foliage result in more food production which leads to mores cells being laid down in the cambium and a thicker trunk as a result.  It is generally accepted that to build an impressive bonsai tree you must create a good root structure, then a thick strong trunk and finally the branch structure.

Bonsai Wiring Technique

Proper Bonsai wiring technique is necessary to style your tree.  Wiring is the technique of bending the trunk or branches by using cooper wire to achieve the desired shape of your bonsai tree.  The shape of the trunk is usually established when the plant is young.  Often you cannot achieve the style you are looking for in one wiring so you must do this in stages.  Once you have achieved the basic shape you can continue to style small branches with thin gauge wire.

Creating a Bonsai Forest

Bonsai Serissa Forest

Detailed information on how to create group plantings for Forest Style Bonsai arrangements.  Creating a Bonsai Forest is more than just planting 3 or more bonsai trees in one pot.  When

done properly, you capture a scene you could normally only witness in nature.  There are various techniques used to achieve this style, in this section we go over them in detail.


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