Bonsai Care Guides

Bonsai Care Guides

Bonsai Care Guides available for our clients reference.  We offer Care Guides for all the species of bonsai we sell.  If you have any specific questions contact any of the page administrators and we would be happy to help you in any way you can.

Juniper Bonsai Care GuideJuniper Bonsai Care Guide

This is just a basic Juniper Bonsai Care Guide, let the tree tell you what it needs as every specimen and climate is unique.  The Japanese Juniper also known as Juniperus Procumbens is an evergreen tree that works well for an outdoor bonsai.  Junipers grow outdoors in hardiness zones 4 through 9.

Tiger Bark Ficus Care Guide 

Ficus Bonsai Care Guide

I will provide a brief description of the species followed by a Ficus Bonsai Care Guide.  Tiger Bark Ficus or Ficus Retusa are found throughout Asia.   They make an excellent indoor bonsai!  This is a tree that is used to competing for light, as a result they will tolerate shade but thrive in full sun.

Japanese Elm / Zelkova Care Guide

For proper Japanese Elm Care just follow these basics and listen to your tree =).  The Zelkova – Japanese Elm is an outdoor tree, can be kept indoors but will need a few hours a day of direct sunlight or allot of fairly strong indirect sunlight

Sweet Plum / Ligustrum Care Guide

Ligustrum Bonsai Care guidelines include the following key principles.  Ligustrum is often used for hedging, which can be a source of great (thick trunked) Bonsai material. The tree is very strong and makes for a popular beginner’s Bonsai.

Fukien Tea Tree Care Guide

Also know as the Fujian Tea tree, it’s scientific name is Ehretia Microphylla. They are named after the Fujian province of China the trees are native.  Fukien tea love the heat and bright locations.  They do well as outdoor bonsai in zones 6-8, they can thrive as indoor bonsai as well but will either need a spot with allot of natural light or supplemental grow lights.

Bougainvillea Bonsai Care Guide

Bougainvillea Bonsai Care has one rule you must specifically follow.
Give the tree allot of sun and not too much water.