Bonsai Pot – Blue 8 Inch Glazed Ceramic Pot

Bonsai Pot – Blue 8 Inch Glazed Ceramic Pot with Drainage Screen and Matching Drip Tray

Bonsai Pot – Eight Inch Blue glazed premium ceramic pot with matching drip tray.  Makes an excellent pot for most medium size bonsai trees.

Blue Bonsai Pot
Blue Pot 8″ Glazed Ceramic with matching Drip Tray.


Glazed Blue 8″ ceramic pot with Matching Drip Tray


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Add Bonsai Creation Kit:For an additional $10 you can add on your make your own bonsai kit with the premium Lava Rock, Pumice, and Per lite Bonsai soil, Slow release fertilizer Fujiyama Slow release bonsai fertilizer 8-9-9 with Micro Nutrients. Copper wire and drainage screens also included in the kit.