The Art of Bonsai’s History

The Art of Bonsai’s History – The History of Bonsai

The Debate Behind Bonsai’s History?  How Did Bonsai Evolve Over 2000 Years?

Bonsai's History

Bonsai’s History is certainly cloaked in the veil of time.  It is debated how far the origin of bonsai dates back.

The earliest legend begins in China Claiming that the art began in the Han Dynasty between the years of  206 B.C. – 220 A.D.  The emperor of the Han Dynasty  created elaborate landscapes which included realistic hills, trees, and lakes.  He created these inside of his courtroom so that he could watch over his whole empire from within his palace.  As for people caught trying to duplicating his work, swiftly executed.

The behavior of the Han’s emperor highlights a fundamental flaw in people’s behavior.  This type of thinking has impaired the advancement of the human race for thousands of years.  Why is it though out history humankind reverts back to this concept that great ideas should not be shared?   By letting their greed lead the tendency to hoard good ideas takes hold over the betterment of society as a whole.  I want bonsai to break through this mentality, not re-enforce it as it has in the past.

Some Believe Bonsai Began in the Tang Dynasty around 200 AD.  Once again because of man’s greed the tradition stayed reserved for the elite of the society.

From 794 A.D. – 1191 A.D. Buddhist Monks brought Bonsai to the island of Japan.  Though Japan is credited for the word bonsai.  It actually originates from the Chinese word Penzai  Translating to potted tree.

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