Bonsai Broward – Best Bonsai Hallandale Location

Best Bonsai Broward – New Inventory

Best Bonsai Broward is offering it’s best line of complete bonsai.  Our new location is based in Hallandale features high end bonsai specimen.

Best Bonsai Broward – is not just another retailer.  We have a mission… to share our passion for the multifaceted art of Bonsai.   By offering quality material at an affordable price we make it possible for some one to understand how intriguing this living art can be.

These live works of art teach us lessons through it’s concepts.  At Best Bonsai we never cut corners, our house blend bonsai soil now contains allot more lava rock.  As a result, we are getting the best results ever.  In addition we have a premium soil mix available which consists of Mostly Lava Rock, Akadama, a small amount of pumas stone and Per-lite.  We are improving on our art constantly, we pick up advise and pointers as we go and continue to offer a better more impressive product to our customers.  Hope you enjoy, “namaste”.


Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai Tree – $220

Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai. Complete with premium lava rock bonsai soil. Planted in shallow 14″ ceramic pot.

Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai











Serissa Bonsai Forest – $95


Serissa Bonsai Forest - Three Piece
Serissa Bonsai Forest – Three Tree group Planting in irregular shaped hand made ceramic tray



Hawaiian Umbrella  Bonsai $35

Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree
Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai. Excellent Indoor Bonsai. Very Hardy and great for the beginner.




Medium Ficus Bonsai Tree – $45

Ficus Bonsai Broward
Medium Ficus Bonsai Tree in 8″ Black Ceramic Pot








Ficus Retusa bonsai tree -$200

Ficus Retusa Bonsai Tree
Trained Ficus Retusa Bonsai tree in premium handmade bonsai pot. With our new premium soil.