Elm Bonsai Forest

Japanese Elm Bonsai Forest – 5 Japanese Elm Group Planting

Japanese Elm Bonsai Forest – 5 Tree Group Planting in 14″ Ceramic Tray – $225

Elm Bonsai Forest – 5 Japanese Elm Bonsai Trees arranged in a group planting.

Elm Bonsai Forest

This stunning forest is a 5 tree group planting of Japanese Elms also known as Zelkova.  One of a kind of a Kind Artwork by Jason James Moorehead in Feb of 2016This one of a kind artwork comes complete in a 15″ ceramic tray.  With all top dressing, slow release bonsai fertilizer and our special house blend lava rock based soil.   This was one of the first Forest bonsai sculptures by artist Jason Moorehead.  This is the exact bonsai for sale, so we only have one available.  Don’t miss out this is one of the years best.

5 Japanese Elm Bonsai Tree Group Planting Forest On Handmade Ceramic Tray. – $265

This specimen comes complete in an un-glazed hand made tray and is by far a progression from the last forest I made.  As time goes on my work will only get better and better.  I can’t wait to see my own personal evolution and the more and  more intricate my creations become.  This piece was introduced now 11/19/1016.  Very likely this is the best forest I done so far.  My next forest is going to to go on a flat slab and incorporate a touch of pottery.  That piece is going to take my forest game to the next level.