Japanese Elm Bonsai

Japanese Elm Bonsai – 25 Year Old Specimen $350

Very Old Japanese Elm Bonsai. This specimen is trained in the formal upright style and stands at least 3 feet tall. The trunk is a stunning 4″ thick. For information on this one of a kind living piece of art or other bonsai you are interested please call James at 786-385-3218

Japanese Elm bonsai

A deciduous tree native to Japan, the Japanese Elm bonsai is personally one of my favorite pre-bonsai species to work work with.  It is an okay choice for a beginner if they are attentive to the way your tree reacts.  This species will immediately drop leaves and develop yellow leaves if it is not happy.  If it is putting out new growth and dropping old leaves this is normal, however this was the tree that taught me how to listen to what my tree letting me know by dropping leaves etc.  That way I was able to make adjustments to give the tree what it needs to thrive.

Move the tree or set up a temporary shade cover. Indoor plants need a sunny windowsill. In a tropical climate, Japanese Zelkova will keep its tender green leaves year-round. Indoor specimen should be allowed to spend time outdoors in late spring until fall to soak up a little extra sun.  This will encourage new growth.

Younger trees grow fast and may need to be re potted yearly preferably in spring to keep the bonsai from becoming pot bound. Remove the tree from the pot, shake off excess dirt from the roots, and trim some of the larger roots but keep the root ball and feeder roots intact. Re pot, using free draining soil, such as our house blend of lava rock, Perlite, pine bark, and a small amount of dirt.

My Video on how to Re pot a Japanese Elm