Forest Bonsai – How to Create a Group Planting

Forest Bonsai – Detailed Progression of a Bonsai Serissa Forest

Forest bonsai or group plantings are definitely a favorite style of mine.

Creating Forest style bonsai is not just slapping together a bunch of seedlings or randomly selecting trees that perhaps may not work well for individual bonsai.

Selecting the right trees takes time.  In order to really artistically plan out your group planting style each tree individually.  Take into account things like trunk taper, caliper and branch placement which will create harmony bringing together your design. Use the small pieces to create something that is impressive as a whole.  Search deep within and find that place that is within you that is connected to every living thing.  Contemplate the source of your creativity be a vehicle for beauty to flow through.   You are working with a living thing.  Don’t force your direction when it’s not that trees natural path.  Create something worth your energy.  Be patient…

First look at each tree individually, next observe it as part of the group. Consider how each tree’s position relates to all the others. Each tree in your forest will have it’s correct position based on your insight and logic.

Bonsai Serissa Forest

Remember naturally, all forests start with one tree and grows from there. That tree will be theprimary tree. This is the tallest and thickest one in the planting. The ratio between the height and thickness of the trunk should match. Half the size would, after all, be half the age. The further you get from the primary tree naturally the younger and smaller the trees will get.

I prefer not to mix species of trees in my Forest style bonsai because different trees have unique care requirements.

I recommend using wire to secure each tree to the tray individual this will allow for a flatter profile.


Serissa Bonsai Forest

This is a three piece Serissa Group planting notice two trees grouped together and the tallest tree is the primary tree which for this design was hidden because the foliage on the

Secondary trees has grown very long making them look taller.  So we need to work them down as we fill in the foliage.  Will eventually wire the branches on the two secondary trees to create movement.  Bending the branches will shorten the height giving us that downward slope.


06/10/2017 After 3. months of letting the foliage grow in light wiring and trimming to train the tree to have a slight slope. 45 degree Angle from the Apex of the Primary tree is what we ultimately are trying to achieve.  I have done a little dead wood work by the trunk bases of both secondary trees.  Very pleased with the progress.  This tree is available for purchase.  And as always pictures are completely current.  We will continue to update the progression until it finds it’s new owner.

Purchasing Our Forest Bonsai

You can purchase this Serisssa Bonsai Forest Now for $99.99 plus shipping.  If you are in love with it don’t delay.  As it develops further the price will rise with the age and quality.  Plus any minute some one might love it as much as you and order it.  Since it’s one of a kind there are no back orders available.