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Our Mission is to Spread love for the living art of Bonsai, one student at a time…

Ficus Bonsai TreeBonsai Trees Miami – The reason on this article we mention Miami specifically is because we have a mission statement that I’ll get to a little later.  For being a big international city we have a weak bonsai scene. Together all of us are gonna work on that

For people new to the art the direct translation of “Bonsai” Potted Tree.  However since it’s humble origins bonsai has evolved into an intricate high end.  Bonsai utilizes different training techniques to achieve desired styles can take many years to even make small changes to these trees.  Typically bonsai trees are small compared to the tree it would represent in the wild, they usually rang from 6″-24″.  Unless you’re referring to Imperial size bonsai. The art of Bonsai dates back 2000 yrs to the Ming dynasty, where you would probably see these 4ft tall massive Imperial bonsai trained to perfection in the Imperial Court.  Origins probably date back even further as the Japanese word Bonsai comes from the Chinese word “P’en Tsai” Also, it is Know that the Chinese Buddhist monks brought small potted trees as gifts during travels.

Sharing the Art of Bonsai, one student at a time…

Bonsai brings me so much passion and satisfaction to my life and I love sharing that gift with others. I am grateful to have bursts of inspiration and need creative outlets to express them. Bonsai is as good as it gets because it takes time to see results so you can’t just do everything at once. There is a proper time and technique for everything we as bonsai practitioners do and a reason why we do it that way. For instance, keeping the inter-nodes of bonsai branches very short to create ramification close to the the trunk or in pads of foliage. We do this to create compact miniature looking foliage. After thousands of years of trial and error people have figured out how to create breath taking living works of art worldwide.

Our Mission Statement is to have an active professional level bonsai community in Miami regularly practicing by the beginning of 2019.

Bonsai Breakdown

To restrict our interpretation of the word to a potted tree does not do it justice. This is an ancient art that dates back thousands of yeas.  One could study bonsai his whole life ad develop his style and art and it would be ever evolving and there would always be new facets to improve upon.  Let’s get a better idea of what bonsai is all about.  The real essence of Bonsai is found in the Japaneses word’s for art,  there are three types of art in the Japanese language.

1)Art created by man,  such as a building or painting.

2)Art found in nature, such as a mountain.

3)The third type is a combination of the two man interacting with nature to create art.  This is the essence of bonsai and why has such importance in many eastern cultures.

Just a matter of remembering.  Breaking through the veil of forgetfulness and illusion.  This is where my inspiration for bonsai comes from that space of void the beauty is created.


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