Horticulture Bonsai – Horticulture the Bonsai Way

Horticulture Bonsai Way.  Why Bonsai is Horticulture at it’s finest?

Horticulture Bonsai Style.  Horticulture is about the art of cultivating plants.  Bonsai Fundamentals such as conservation and sustainable techniques.  Likewise, these are the foundation of Horticulture.

Horticulture shares many of the principles that make bonsai great.  Most Bonsai Artists strive to create a Bonsai Specimen trees trained look as much as possible  as it would in their natural habitat.  This represents a certain respect for Nature that I think is specific to the bonsai school of thoughtBonsai Deadwood Horticulture Bonsai.  The Japanese Language has three ways to express beauty.

The First word, Shizen. –  “Represents natural Beauty unaffected by Man.”

作られた美しさ Tsukurareta utsukushi-sa - "Man made Beauty". 

The third and final word is...人間と自然の調和 Ningen to shizen no chōwa: "harmony of man and nature"
Source: Google Translate.