Flamboyant Tree

Poinciana Bonsai Tree

Poinciana Bonsai Bonsai Tree

The End Game  for this Poinciana Bonsai Tree is within 3 years  to Develop a Royal Poinciana Bonsai Of Exhibition Quality like the one pictured across the net often used to sell Royal Poinciana seeds.  This Tree Pictured is years and years of training by a master bonsai artist.  By keeping the branch internodes short it allows for a dense canopy of miniature foliage.

Bonsai Poinciana Progrestion
Poinciana bonsai during it’s first year of training.

Last year I topped the canopy then split to two primary branches from where I cut it.  After Plenty of new growth in spring

Flamboyant Tree
5 Year old Poinciana Bonsai on it’s second year of training

I have now topped the third set of branches.  Keeping the internodes short will create a miniaturized canopy.

branches growing out of the primary set. That the end of last summer.  I am in a tropical zone and it grows very fast.  I have been using Strategic trunk chops to thicken the base of the trunk and encourage more cambium to come to the the surface and create taper the lower we get on the trunk.

I let the root system develop in regular soil and perlite.  Now that I have a wide shallow root system developed I am going to repot in a lava rock/pumice mixture or I may spend the extra bucks and spring for Akadama.  This will allow better percolation split the roots as they grow and help the tree adapt a small container and still thrive.

This was a peak at how much more the canopy has progressed since last year.