Bonsai Tree Root Over Rock Semi-Cascade Style Barbados Cherry

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Barbados Cherry Bonsai Tree Trained Root Over Rock “Semi-Cascade” Style.  The tree’s style gives the effect that the tree is clasping to the side of a mountain somewhere in nature.  Planted in 100% lava rock soil in a 7″ ceramic bonsai pot with drainage mesh.  Impressive Bonsai Specimen with a well established trunk base, exposed roots and thick primary branches  This is material that will continue to develop season after season.

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Barbados Cherry Root-Over Rock Semi-Cascade Style Bonsai Tree 

This specimen is not only trained root but also semi cascade style, clasping to the rock.  Barbados Cherry is truly one of my favorite species to use as material for bonsai.  These bonsai are not just very hardy and versatile they give the wow factor with their lovely bright red fruit. The small pink flowers, which bloom in spurts from April through October, look very similar to the flowers of crape myrtle. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  Though the fruit is edible and high in vitamin C it is quite tart. 

Cannot Ship to CA or WA for Agricultural Reasons.

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