Chinese Elm Bonsai in 6″ Ceramic Pot With Premium Lava Rock Soil

Chinese Elm Bonsai tree in a 6″ glazed ceramic pot.  Planted in premium lava rock soil, with drainage mesh and slow release bonsai fertilizer.  Trained in an informal upright style.


Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree makes the perfect tree for beginners.  Excellent hardy indoor or outdoor bonsai.  Complete in 6′ Ceramic Pot. Planted in our premium lava rock bonsai bonsai soil topped with slow release bonsai fertilizer. With Spring on the way the new growth is opening up and buds are swelling until the new growth opens into dark reddish green clusters of leaves.  These quickly will grow to long shoots which through continual pruning you will turn into your secondary set of branches on the trees structure.   This is a real Bonsai that needs further training to reach exhibition level perfect tree for a beginner to learn the basics of bonsai.  The trunk base, Shape and Nebari are good.  I t this little Bonsai for a year now and the tree itself is 3-5 years old.  This is the perfect starter bonsai.  Can be adapted as an indoor bonsai if given proper natural light or a proper amount of artificial light.  Weather looking for an entry level bonsai tree or an affordable tree for an experienced practitioner to develop and train for years to a lifetime.


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