Chinese Elm Bonsai in 12″ Ceramic Pot

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Chinese Elm Bonsai planted in 12″ ceramic pot with drainage whole and drainage mesh hand fastened with wire anchors.  We use our premium lava rock and pumice bonsai soil and top with slow release 8-8-8 bonsai fertilizer for proper nutrient distribution since it’s growing in inorganic soil.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Care

Water every other day or once every three days.  To let the soil medium dry out a little bit between watering is the goal.  Once this cycle is established do you best to maintain it.  After 3-4 months replace the slow release fertilizer by placing a pile of the slow release pellets in each of the four corners of the pot.  Trim back hardwood shoots of branches to 2 or 3 sets of leaves but never trim soft green growth. Let new branches develop so that they are thick enough that they can ramify later.


What is Bonsai?

a Chinese Elm Bonsai is one species of tree that can be used for bonsai however any species of tree can be a bonsai.  Many people think bonsai only one type of plant or I hear people ask sometimes….

What type of tree is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is not a specific kind of plant.  Bonsai is the art of Miniature potted trees.   This is an art form thousands of years old that developed in China and Japan sometime prior to as early as 3rd century BC there are legends of Taoist monk who had the power to shrink who landscapes down into a tiny tray.  Traveling Buddhist Monks where known to give miniature potted plants (Bonsai) which was known as Pen-zai at the time.

How Big is a Bonsai Tree?

There is no specific size to bonsai there are many bonsai size Classifications from Meme (Finger Held) and Shohin (Hand Held) all the way up to Imperial Size Bonsai which stand 4 ft tall and larger.  For Example this Chinese Elm Bonsai is Kokomono size standing 12″ Tall


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