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Bonsai Forest Piece – Serissa Bonsai Forest

Serissa Bonsai Forrest 3 Serissa Group Planting
Group Planting of 3 Serissa Bonsai Trees in a 14″ shallow forest Bonsai Tray.

Serissa Bonsai Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting – $165

Serissa Bonsai Forest – One of our customer favorites.  Also another name for Serissa is “snow rose”.  Likewise, the tree gets the name from it’s small beautiful small flowers which bloom year round.  If you would like a custom one made based on this arrangement give us a call.  You can reach Jason at 786-385-3218.  However, this specimen was previously sold to another one of our clients.

Beautiful Bonsai Forest – 3 Tree Group Planting in 10″ handmade ceramic tray.  Each order is available to be custom designed and we offer 5 tree and 7 tree arrangements.  We also can create this arrangement with Japanese Elm, Tiger Bark Ficus, Fukien Tea, or Jade Bonsai.


Features of This Bonsai Forest

-Made up of 3 amazing Snow Rose (Serissa) Bonsai Trees.

-On a 10″ Handmade Ceramic Bonsai Tray specially designed for Group Plantings.

-Complete with Top Dressing, Moss, Bonsai Soil, and Slow Release Bonsai Fertilizer.

In regards to care, with Serissa Bonsai stable conditions are key.  Indirect sun or a spot that get’s morning sun is good.  as they can get burned in strong afternoon sun.  They need good quality free draining bonsai soil such as our Premium Lava Rock Soil.  Should get water on a good schedule of letting the soil dry out between waterings.  Fertilize with slow release bonsai fertilizer during the growing season.

Trimming Serissa is similar to trimming chinese elm bonsai.  Let the Shoots of new growth get long enough to develop hardwood at the base and then trim them back to 3 sets of leaves.  Resulting in shorter branches and more internodes through a process known as ramification.  You can learn more on one of our many Trimming Videos on our Bonsai YouTube Channel

Serissa Bonsai Forest Progression

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Serissa Bonsai Forest
Serissa Bonsai Forest -Three Tree group planting