Bonsai Ficus Tree

Bonsai Ficus Tree – 15 Year Old Specimen

Impressive 15 year old Bonsai Ficus Tree. This specimen is a Tiger Bark with impressive areal roots and wide trunk. This is one of the most trainable Bonsai I have ever come across. By trimming often the size of the leaves can be reduced down to a third of their original size. With this particular tree I used copper training wire to keep the foliage tight and compact. -$150 for this living masterpieceLarge Tiger Bark Ficus Large Ficus Bonsai

The Tiger Bark Bonsai competes for sun with other plants in it’s natural environment so they tolerate shade and do excellent as an indoor bonsai.  However will thrive in full sun and grow much faster.  Retusa have stripes on their  older bark, giving them theLarge Tiger Bark Ficus Bonsai common name – Tiger Bark .  If given proper humidity tiger bark develop impressive aerial roots.  This Old Bonsai has developed impressive aerial roots .

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