Initial Styling Tutorial – Progression of styling one of our Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

Progression of styling one of our Chinese Elm Bonsai

Training Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree.  During this initial Styling of our Elm Bonsai Tree.  We Start by creating some movement on the branches of this Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree, Trimming back shoots of new growth to 2 or 3 leaves, and removing the unsightly stum at the base of the trunk.  Just like we see in this Chinese Elm, which is a very basic initial styling.   We always try to address all aspects of the tree. After removing the stump with our concave cutters the Trunk has a nice taper and is developing a thick trunk base.   Next step is Shaping the branches and trimming the new growth so that it ramifies properly.  We want to keep the internodes (length of branches) as short as possible so that they ramify (split) as close to the trunk as possible to create an intricate branch structure and dense foliage.

However Never trim back the shoots of new growth when they are still green softwood.  I let them grow out a little longer so that when I trimmed them back to 2-3 sets of leaves the branch is thicker and has developed hardwood.  This helps the branch ramify and creates thicker short internodes

By removing the unsightly stump with our concave cutters we created a better looking trunk line better taper and accent the  Nebari beginning to develop.Chinese Elm Bonsai in 12" Ceramic Pot

Step by step styling on this beautiful Chinese Elm Bonsai.  This is 3 months later after wire is removed and Bonsai is established.