Watering Bonsai Trees

A Basic Guide To Watering Bonsai.

Watering Bonsai is the most important part of taking care of your Bonsai trees.  This is nearly all horticulture, plants require a continual source of moisture at there roots to survive. So how do you water a bonsai correctly?

First of all by using high quality bonsai soil, such as a lava rock/pumice mix you will avoid many problems encountered when using potting soil.

Correctly watering your bonsai is not as straightforward as most beginners might expect. Firstly, NEVER water your Bonsai to a routine. Even advance bonsai artists often make the mistake of watering on a schedule.  People will often water every other day, as opposed to first observing the moisture already in the soil.   Bonsai trees should be checked regularly since conditions often change.   The idea is to water your tree fully, then let it dry between watering. To avoid under-watering, water your trees when the soil gets slightly dry. This means you should not water your tree when the soil is still wet but only when it feels slightly dry. Use your fingers to check the soil at around one centimeter deep.

Common Mistakes When Watering BonsaiWatering Bonsai Trees

When watering bonsai make sure to water fully, to avoid missing sections of the roots.  Water until you see water running out of the drainage holes.  Water the Bonsai tree from above using a watering can with a fine nozzle.

Over-watering a bonsai can also cause ill-health in Bonsai trees. The effects of continual over-watering takes longer to become noticeable and can often be difficult to diagnose. When a bonsai is over watered the more fine new roots drown leading to death.  Mold can develop and lead to root-rot, which could eventually cause the tree to die, The simplest way to avoid over-watering is to use inorganic soils like Akadama or Lava Rock and Pumice.  These substrates are water retentive enough to keep the soil moist for the duration of a hot summers day.  Akadama will greatly increase O2 exchange in the soil.  Lava Rock Drains well and will take on water as it is porous however free draining.  Using these soils it’s difficult to over water a bonsai tree